ECLEXYS is a Research & Development SME that is based in Riva San Vitale, Southern Switzerland with core business that is dedicated to the design and implementation of processing platforms, data communication, data security and localisation and tracking systems.. The core mission of ECLEXYS is to exploit several branches of ICT and electronic engineering (cybersecurity, networking, satellite positioning, embedded systems) in mutual synergy, to establish a new paradigm in the provision of cost-effective healthcare and caregiving solutions. This goal is achieved by combining hardware and software expertise, while keeping a strong focus on ITC/AI innovation, performance, optimization and integration aspects. ECLEXYS makes sophisticated technology available as a beneficial, integral part of everyday life

Project Role

EXYS is the co-ordinating partner that will ensure a successful management of CAREPATH and an efficient coordination of its tasks to reach its planned objectives. EXYS is also leading WP1 “Project Management”, Task 3.3 (artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to provide dynamic early warning smart decisions), Task 4.1 and Task 4.7, Task 7.2, Task 8.2; Involving in WP2 “Design of CAREPATH System Architecture”, Task 3.5 (classification for CDSM), Task 4.4 (integration of the Patient Empowerment Platform with Home/Health Monitoring Platform), Task 4.6 (running of the functional, system and integration tests and support to the user organisations), Task 4.8, Task 5.2, Task 5.4, Task 5.6, Task 6.1 (challenges that dementia with other co- morbidities places on the healthcare system), Task 6.2 (guideline to be supported by the pilot sites), Task 6.4, Task 8.1, and Task 8.3 (dissemination and communication of the CAREPATH results).

Related Expertise

EXYS combines its activity in Swiss and international industrial projects with research and development involvement in many European Commission (EC) FP6, FP7 and H2020 projects, with the role of technology partner or Project Coordinator (8 EC projects were coordinated by ECLEXYS). ECLEXYS has developed the EXYS ALSS (ambient living support system), a platform based on proprietary technologies, designed to make extremely simple and cheap the provision of health and care services. The EXYS ALSS will be exploited for the Home/Health Monitoring Platform.

Team Members

Angelo Consoli

Founder and managing director of ECLEXYS Sagl. Professor for data communication, ICT security and cyber threat intelligence (CTI) at the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), responsible for the module “new communication technologies” of the Swiss Master of Science in Engineering (MSE). Project Coordinator for many European Commission (EC) projects such as: GRABEL FP7-SME-2008-1, NITICS FP7-AAL-2012-5, GINSEC FP7-SME- 2013-1, NISTAS FP7-SME-2013-1, IONIS H2020-AAL-2017.

Dr. Jaouhar Ayadi

MSc’95 and Ph.D.’99 in Wireless Communication from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications (ENST), Paris, France. He joined the Wireless Communication Section of the “Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique (CSEM)” as an R&D Engineer, than a Senior R&D Engineer and Project Manager. He was the CSEM’s Project Manager of many European Commission (EC) projects in the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) domain, belonging to the EC framework programmes FP5, FP6 and FP7, including: IST-PACWOMAN, ICT-MAGNET, ICT-MAGNET-BEYOND, ICT-CRUISE.

Ing. Luca Gilardi

BSc. In Computer Science at the University of Applied Science of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), Lugano in 1991. Active as senior software engineer and system administrator. Several years of field experience working for private companies in the domains of automotive industry, clinical trials and tests, pharmacology and medical devices manufacturing, microbiology research area, as well as in software engineering and development organizations. Experience as quality assurance responsible in three ISO 9000 certifications; involved in one GMP/GLP (good manufacturing practices/good laboratory practices) standards certification.