Integrated Care Platform

Jointly addresses multimorbidity, dementia and diminished intrinsic capacity and optimally manages healthcare interventions for its users (patients, informal caregiver, healthcare providers, etc).

Technical Validation and Usability (TVU) study

Involving over 45 users and Clinical Investigation (CI) involving over 200 patients that will be conducted in four European countries (Spain, Romania, Germany and UK).

Dementia / Multimorbidity Guidelines

To be conceived for best healthcare delivery

Health Economics Impact Assessment

For healthcare cost effectiveness and care provision equalities. The incremental cost-effectiveness and the incremental cost-utility ratio would allow revealing the incremental cost (or the potential savings) per unit of benefit of switching from usual care to CAREPATH-an integrated patient-centred approach- in multimorbid elderly patients with dementia, and therefore, to determinate whether the CAREPARTH approach would be considered as a cost-effective alternative.