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Sustainable care for multimorbid elderly patients with mild cognitive impairment
Published on 22 October 2021

Multimorbidity, defined as the simultaneous occurrence of at least two chronic diseases, is a characteristic of.. Read more

Pain Assessment in Patients with Minimal Cognitive Deficit and Mild Dementia
Published on 16 December 2021

The self-report of the affected person is also the "gold standard" for the assessment of pain in people with.. Read more

Security, Ethics, Legal and Privacy aspects of AI in the Health domain
Published on 22 January 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a significant impact on many aspects of modern life, from education, entertainment.. Read more

Dementia, Comorbidity and ICTs
Published on 18 February 2022

Dementia figures are alarming. As the WHO warned in September 2021 "more than 55 million people suffer from, dementia worldwide, yet only one out of four countries has care plans for them or their families".. Read more