Project Deliverables

Work Package 1: Project Management

  • D1.1 Project Handbook
  • D1.2 First Yearly Action Plan
  • D1.3 Quality Assurance Plan
  • D1.4 Second Yearly Action Plan
  • D1.5 Data Management Plan
  • D1.6 Third Yearly Action Plan
  • D1.7 Fourth Yearly Action Plan

Work Package 2: Design of CAREPATH System Architecture

  • D2.1 Initial Requirements Specification
  • D2.2 Scenarios and Use Cases for Integrated Care
  • D2.3 Holistic CAREPATH Architecture
  • D2.4 Final holistic CAREPATH Architecture, System Specification and Collection of User Requirements
  • D2.5 Specifications of all Components and Customisation Requirements
  • D2.6 Requirements Re-engineering

Work Package 3: Foundations of the Clinical Decision Support Services for the management of multimorbid elderly patients with dementia

  • D3.1 A Computer Interpretable Guidelines specification of the complete CAREPATH decision support logic
  • D3.2 CAREPATH Polypharmacy Management Services
  • D3.3 Machine learning and AI models used to provide early warning smart decision tools
  • D3.4 Smart Early Waning CDS services
  • D3.5 Safety analysis report and MDR compliance roadmap

Work Package 4: Implementation of the CAREPATH platform

  • D4.1 CAREPATH Home and Health Monitoring Platform
  • D4.2 CAREPATH Interoperability Framework
  • D4.3 CAREPATH Security and Privacy Suite
  • D4.4 CAREPATH Patient Empowerment Platform
  • D4.5 CAREPATH Adaptive Integrated Care Platform supported with Clinical Decision Support Systems
  • D4.6 Test Specifications of CAREPATH platform
  • D4.7 Test and Verification results of CAREPATH Platform
  • D4.8 Training materials for CAREPATH solution
  • D4.9 Deployment architecture and CAREPATH Help Desk

Work Package 5: CAREPATH clinical investigation

  • D5.1 First study subject approvals package
  • D5.2 eCRF
  • D5.3 Midterm recruitment report
  • D5.4 Patients recruitment and follow-up report
  • D5.5 Interim and final results report
  • D5.6 Report on status of posting results

Work Package 6: Clinical guidelines and best practices for improved management of elderly multimorbid patients with dementia

  • D6.1 Selection of base clinical guidelines
  • D6.2 Holistic patient-centred CAREPATH best practice guideline
  • D6.3 Organisational analysis, checklist and guidance for Pilot Deployment
  • D6.4 Validation of CAREPATH Guideline

Work Package 7: Health economics, cost effectiveness and inequalities

  • D7.1 Design health economic questionnaires
  • D7.2 Health economic analysis plan
  • D7.3 Final health economic analysis report

Work Package 8: Impact Promotion, Dissemination, Exploitation and Business Planning

  • D8.1 Innovation Management Plan
  • D8.2 IPR Agreement for project foreground
  • D8.3 Market Analysis and Exploitation Plan
  • D8.4 Reports on Exploitation Activities and Final Business Plan
  • D8.5 Reports on Dissemination and Communication Plan and Activities

Work Package 9: Ethics requirements

  • D9.1 NEC - Requirement No. 2
  • D9.2 POPD - Requirement No. 4
  • D9.3 GEN - Requirement No. 5