Servicio de Salud de Castilla La Mancha

SESCAM (Servicio de Salud de Castilla-La Mancha) is the Healthcare System of Castilla-La Mancha, a Spanish region in the center of the country with 2,000,000 inhabitants. The region is composed of 5 provinces, being Albacete one of them. The partner of the proposal is the Geriatrics Department of the Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Albacete, the main hospital of Albacete province, a tertiary University hospital that gives support to 400,000 inhabitants. The Paraplegic Hospital Foundation, located in Toledo, another province of Castilla-La Mancha will serve as third party of SESCAM.

Project Role

The main role of SESCAM will be to design, monitor, conduct, control and analyse the results of the clinical investigation that will be realised by the CAREPATH consortium between months M25-48. This clinical investigation will be realised in four countries, Spain, Germany, UK and Romania, but the leader will be SESCAM from Spain. We will also participate in the elaboration of the guidelines on multimorbidity in patients with dementia that will be developed during the first 12 months of the project, and that will be included in the CAREPATH platform.

Related Expertise

The Geriatrics Department of the Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Albacete has got a Clinical Trial Section, with expertise in the design, monitor and conduction of randomised clinical trials in older adults. We have participated in more than 20 RCT in patients with dementia, and we have participated in previous EIT-Health projects implementing technical solutions. Our impact factor is higher than 100. We have large clinical expertise in managing old patients with dementia and multimorbidity in the community setting, in long-term care facilities and in hospitalised patients.

Team Members

Pedro Abizanda

Head of the Geriatrics Department of the Complejo Hospitalario Universitario of Albacete since 2012. Specialist in Geriatric Medicine since1992. Physical Doctor (PhD) since 2000 (Medicine Faculty, Universidad Autnoma de Madrid). Master in research in 2011 (Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona). Associate Professor, Coordinator of Geriatric Medicine teaching at the Medicine Faculty of Albacete (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha) since 2002. President of the Ethics Review Committee from Albacete since 2010. Head of Research Group from Albacete, in CIBER of Frailty and Healthy Aging (CIBERFES).

Almudena Avendaño Céspedes

Research Nurse and Nutrition specialist. Master in research. Expert in Clinical Trials in older adults and in Dementia. Expert in Systematic reviews. PhD in 2019. Teacher in the Nurse Faculty of Albacete, Castilla-La Mancha University. Geriatric nurse residents coordinator.

Elisa Belén Cortés Zamora

Nurse researcher. Experience in Clinical Trials in older adults and in dementia.