Klinikum Bielefeld

The ‘Klinikum Bielefeld‘ (SKB) is a non Mitte’, ‘Klinikum Bielefeld Rosenhöhe’ and the ‘Klinikum Halle (Westph.). the city of Bielefeld and the city of Halle (Westph.). The clinics are serving on average 53.000 inpatient and 100.000 outpatient patients per year in the regions they are situated. Beyond this, SKB is an academic teaching hospital of Westphalian Wilhelms University of Münster and a cooperation partner of the Faculty of Health Economics at Bielefeld University. Currently the Bielefeld University (2020) and will soon act a on Integrated Geriatrics in the new Medical Faculty of Bielefeld University in course of staffing. SKB offers 30 specialist clinics for a variety of medical subjects such as gynaecology, otolaryngology, head and neck surgery as well as geriatrics. It also includes several specialized departments among those is the Centre of Geriatric Traumatology. There are also geriatric departments at each clinic site pursuing an integrated care approach. All in all SKB offers 112 beds in their geriatric departments and serves on average 1600 patients p

Project Role

SKB will serve as one of the CAREPATH pilot sites. In this role one of the main tasks will be the user requirements engineering process and, e.g., conduct interviews with patients, informal caregivers and various healthcare professionals at its site as well as take part in expert review session where CAREPATH prototypes will be presented to CAREPATH stakeholders and evaluated

Related Expertise

Team Members

Dr. Wolfgang Schmidt-Barzynski

He is head of the Geriatric Clinic and Chief Physician of SKB. He is specialised in internal medicine, geriatrics and physical therapy. Since over 27 years he works as a consultant in the field of organisational development in the medical and non-medical field. Together with nurses he developed in 1990 the first German special ward for Cognitive Geriatrics in the Geriatric Center “Haus Berge” in the city of Essen, Germany. From 1995 to 2003 he was shareholder of the local physicians’ association of “Oberbergischer Kreis” for the concerns of the regional health conference (public institution to coordinate health care in the region), during that time he took part in the WHO-project “55+”

Dr. Sandra Scheel

She is leading the Department of Geratric Traumatology of SKB. She is specialised in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Geriatrics. She is organi

Ms. Beate Tuchalski

She is a nurse holding a BA in Health- and Social Management. She is currently working in the Department of Quality Management and involved in the conduction of several clinical studies in the Department of Hemato-Oncology as well as in organising certification processes to obtain certified cancer centers at SKB. She has extensive experience in optimizing processes and structures in t